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  • We understand the importance of branding and going the extra mile and believe that PhoneHug® is a unique promotional and alternative piece of merchandise.

  • Our small team has extensive experience in events, festivals, music, fashion, photography, outdoor sports and merchandising.

  • Solely focused on distributing and marketing PhoneHug® to a global audience.

  • Sam Fairbrother and Geoff Barke founded White Rabbit Distribution in Manchester; a commercial photographer and a concert runner who needed something that would secure their phones.


  • We have high morals and an ethical, professional approach to everything we do, from sourcing our materials, to delivering PhoneHug®

  • We have developed a set of principles to work to, these principles set down our requirements for our suppliers

  • Our factories in China have been inspected and certified to a gold standard at Alibaba, along with their compliance to all relevant local and national laws, particularly on: working hours and conditions, health and safety, rates of pay, terms of employment and minimum age of employment.

Social and environmental responsibility

  • Sustainability is a core part of who we are; we’re not just about protecting phones, but the planet as well.

  • All employees are encouraged to actively participate, by identifying opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

  • ​How we manufacture and transport impacts the planet, getting the right balance between environmental impact and strength in the product supports our entire sustainability strategy.

  • We use responsibly sourced eco-friendly silicone, which can be recycled and reused as filler in other silicone products


  • White Rabbit Distribution Ltd has supported charities such as, Help for Heroes and Future Dreams to name a few and donates 5% of its profit back into the communities.

Our service

We provide a fully bespoke professional service for each and every one of our clients, offering;

A full range of branding options

Cutomised accessories

Packaging services

Large orders; packaging can be customised to include your own branding and personal message

Quality is paramount; we have a quality control team inspecting the products throughout the manufacturing process, working to our strict specifications.

Designed in the U.K.

All designs and trademarks are owned by Dandelion Head Ltd, currently the parent company of White Rabbit Distribution

UK / International patents pending

U.S.A Patent granted

Registered Design: 4034595

OHIM CRD: 002603852-0001

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