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For you
  • Unique piece of branding merchandise

  • Displays your brand clearly

  • Useful, reusable & collectable promotional product

  • Reduces cost and stress in the work place

At events
  • Reduction in lost property

  • Reducing time and cost dealing with lost and stolen phones

  • A better experience at your event

  • Branded memento to keep

For the user
Less chance of;
  • Cracked screens

  • Loosing their phone

  • Dropping their phone

  • Having it pinched

Increases chance of;
  • Capturing that brief moment

  • Keeping their phone attached and secure

  • Ability to find phone

  • Stretches to fit the majority of smartphones

  • Strong loop for a carabiner, connecting to a lanyard, or another coupling device

  • Can fit over existing phone covers

  • Fits your phone in seconds

  • Hangs on anything

  • Available in any pantone colour, including glow-in-the-dark

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